About Ryan Yantis 

http://www.cordovacouncil.com Ryan Yantis induction video into the Rancho Cordova Sports Hall of Fame 2016

SilverLeaf Leadership Communication is Ryan’s platform to help people to become better leaders, to communicate better, and to honor veterans and their service. 

Ryan Yantis was an Eagle Scout, a world-class swimmer, and has decades of success in business, the military, government and non-profit leadership.  A history major from Mizzou – the University of Missouri-Columbia - Ryan was commissioned as a Cavalry Officer in 1983 and served in more than 30 countries on four continents.  In Ryan’s nearly 23 years of service, he served in many interesting assignments, working for and with great people, to high standards.  Ryan was on duty in the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001 and was decorated for valor and service to others that day, and for his efforts in helping others in the weeks, months and years to follow. 

Ryan Yantis likes competition and he likes winning, and creating high-performing and winning teams.  Regardless of the avenue of business or service, Ryan achieved pinnacle success and recognition in Public Relations, Web-cast and Television programming, social media, and military service. 

Ryan is married to his awesome wife Sharon, and in addition to three great daughters, they have two bully-breed rescue dogs and very full lives.  They live in Crystal Lake, and he is a very proud member of the Rotary Club of Crystal Lake – the Dawnbreakers, where they practice Service Above Self, and giving back – in addition to his activities in the veteran community.    

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Ryan started SilverLeaf Leadership Communication in July 2016 to accomplish:

  1.  To help people become the best leaders they can be – in any business setting – through practical, engaging, and realistic leadership training and coaching using Academy Leadership programs and methods.  Ryan is very passionate about the Leadership training, and it is his main area of effort and focus.   

  2. To veteran share their service story in a safe, structured setting through our structured Veteran History process, so that important family histories are not lost when the veteran passes. Also, to help veterans and their veteran service organizations to achieve more and do better for themselves and our communities. 

  3. In providing professional and dynamic presentations and speeches to schools, groups, and companies on servant leadership, accountability, and the importance of readiness relating to Ryan’s Pentagon 9/11 survival story. In this Ryan also partners with American Pride Inc. a non-profit of Pentagon and World Trade Center 9/11 Survivors.